6 things to drastically reduce wedding planning Stress

Planning for your wedding starts when you get engaged, maybe earlier, and doesn’t end until you put your head on your pillow next to the one you love. It is a stressful process but there are a number of things you can do to reduce your stress.  I have compiled 6 tips, that if implemented, will change the way the next 12 to 18 months ago.


  • Have the right mindset. Remember are about to marry the person that you will spend the rest of your life with! So, as you plan your wedding let your marriage be the main goal and allow everything else be secondary. (Ps. don’t forget that there IS someone else involved…)


  • Make a plan. Throwing an event with 25 or 200 guest needs to be planned out so that you can make your vision come to life. You can get plans from a number of wedding sights you can even get one from a vendor. A part of that plan is having a budget place. Do your research and find the average cost for a wedding. Begin to save and talk about payment plans with your vendors. Here is an extra tip have a  plan b complete and an emergency wedding fund set aside for any problems that may arise. This way if it rains on your outdoor wedding or a month before your wedding your dress is damaged you have a way and plan to address those situations.


  • Get a planner that isn’t “you”. Hire a wedding coordinator if you are able. If it isn’t possible, hire a day of coordinator so that if there are any problems they can address them. Still, if this is out of your reach ask a reliable organized and detail oriented friend to help you plan and or your day of coordinator. You need help this is not a solo endeavor. On the day of your planner, not you, should be the person to put out any fires. Before you, wedding day give you vendors the name of your planner in case of an emergency they can be contacted instead of you.


  • DIY is awesome but know your limits. DIY is a great way to add your own personal touch but if you don’t know your limits it can cost you time and money. When you set out your plan start to choose what DIY project you can take on and how long it will take. Recruit friends and family to help, you can even make it a party so that any possible monotony can be eliminated by your comradery.


  • Stop keeping up with the Joneses. Your wedding day will be your wedding day. I love Pinterest and I love looking at pictures on Junebug but don’t get this idea that your wedding must be like. What makes those wedding so inspiring is because they drew inspiration from who they were as a couple. Your day will be a specific day in time and let it be a reflection of your love.



  • Don’t freak out. I want to break this to you but something will not go as you planned. People run late, things go missing, there may be traffic, things may get damaged.  All of this does not stop you from marrying your fiancé. It may not be what you envisioned but keep it in perspective. Also, remember your planner should be putting out any day of fires. In the long run, the little details that go wrong you will either laugh about or not remember. I spoke to my sister who on the day before her wedding broke her wedding glasses. She was devastated but now five years later she could care less. What seems to be so important in the moment may not in the long run.


So remember this is a big event and it is life changing. There will be some frustrating moments and some hiccups, but if you remember that you are about to join your life with someone, keep that as your focus, and make it through together. Use your wedding planning as an opportunity to get closer to your fiancé and to grow in your trust. Remember these tips and they will be a big help as you work towards your big day.

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