7 TIPS on shooting a Bride

(*for the Bride)

A wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom and as well as a beautiful metaphor of  Jesus’ love and commitment for the church. I love this picture another type of picture I love is bridal . It may be a cultural thing, but there is an emphasis on bridal portraits. So it’s a must to get comfortable posing a bride and ensuring you pay attention the details that enhance a photo.

*Ladies if you are like me you stood in front of the mirror and thought you looked decent then had your picture taken the same day and it came out not to your liking. So I understand the disappointment of a bad picture. What you photographer needs from your, their client, is trust. We have trained our eye to help you get into a beautiful position and compose a photograph that you will love. You are hiring us for this so give us your trust, come ready to have fun, be adventurous, and communicate what we want.

Here are 7 tips on “getting that shot”

Be specific when giving instruction.
Train yourself on the specific movements you want a bride to make and how to articulate those. It will make your shoot faster and it will make the shoot easier. If you have taken the time to train yourself then you will spend less time freaking out in your head. You will be able to not only visualize your portraits but also execute them with ease. When you are in control, your bride can relax and look her best.

*When you feel you’re getting tense, relax, I understand what it is like to be in front of the camera. Still, if you need to wiggle to loosen those tensed up muscles, do it. Then let your photographer guide you; as you both have a common goal, to make sure you look beautiful. This doesn’t have to be painful.  It can be fun and exciting; remember you state of mind will come out in your photos.

Take a deep breath.
When your bride holds her breath this may cause her to tense up. It isn’t usually something she will intentionally do. So I recommend you ask her to inhale deeply then exhale slowly in order for her to relax those muscles.

Give her life… by being encouraging.
I love Proverbs and there is one that says life and death are on the tongue. We all need to be mindful of what we say when we are on the shoot. Since the majority of our brides aren’t models it is important that we are encouraging. This is something we should just be in general but make sure that you let them know how beautiful they actually are. This is apart of the experience to know that she is as beautiful as she feels. If you are like me you may not be very talkative, but practice speaking and communicating how well she is doing.

*Ladies as I said earlier your attitude will be seen in your portraits. Your frame of mind can be the most attractive accessory you can have. Be ready to have fun, look beautiful and be adventurous.

Give her options.
Wedding days can be stressful but it is important to stay focused. Have a mental list of the different options below to take and make sure you have practiced these so you know them by heart.
Full body horizontal
Half body horizontal
Headshot horizontal
Full body vertical
Half body vertical
Headshot vertical
Full body from behind

*Your professional photographer is taking the time outside of the wedding to make sure that at the wedding you are taken care of.  You can trust them and relax during the shoot. Be ready with that adventurous attitude and have fun; because your photographer is working hard to ensure you look great, and that you will have the options you need.

Plan in advance.
from the time your bride becomes your client, you should be planning and a part of your consultation should be to know what they want. That way you can make sure you take portraits that will later become their works of art. Another part of the planning process is on the day of arrive early to the wedding and choose which locations will work the best.  Have a backup plan for any unexpected weather changes. When you are prepared that confidence show in your ability to direct the shoot and allows you, clients, to have peace of mind that you are in control.

*Your photographer is not a mind reader so if you picked the venue for a specific aesthetic reason then let them know. Also, remember that your photographer may have shot that venue before or even sees something that you may not have. Allow them to lead you and trust them to get what you hired them for, which is beautiful and memorable portraits.

Get the most out of every location.
Look at any given location in a different way. Get up high, get low, just watch those angles and move from side to side. Challenge yourself to get as many pictures from one location. Practice in your home or in a park so that you can already train your mind to make the most out of any location. Teach yourself how to tell a story by changing your angle, your clients pose and by moving around. Photography is a mixture of realism and makes believe use all of it to tell their story.

Make editorial decisions. 
You were hired to create a visually beautiful story. So if you see that a location would take away from that beauty and the communication of that story, then make that known to your clients. We are there to serve our clients and sometimes that comes in the form of education.  If the lighting, environment, or weather would best or take away from their portraits, communicate this to them.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that it was a benefit to you.

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