a Few of our Favorite Things: San Antonio

Things to do in San Antonio-no-Kids/Kids/Date/Friends



*These activities are great for any category

In the summer every night about 9 o’clock you can go watch the Six Flags fire works in the La Centera parking lot. / The pearl is great to go and hang out at. / On Saturdays and Sundays they have a farmers market and you can walk among the river walk or take a taxi to the rest of the river walk. / You can also go to the south side and walk the missions trails that is fun to see the old San Antonio missions it is also great for biking or hiking

No-kids: see above

Kids: Doseum, Botanical Gardens and there is also the Government Canyon state park in San Antonio, This place is like 30 mins from us but I a full state park with camping and dinosaurs tracks. San Antonio has a great trail system where we live you can travel far on them and take in all the scenery. The city tucks them in here and there behind neighborhood and under over passes. (great to walk dogs too)

Date: Going to wing stop and getting a move and coming back home that is a great thing to do in San Antonio. SoBro Pizza Co by the Pearl you can hang out at the pearl and then head over to SoBro Pizza and get a really good pizza. I also love Sapporo Sushi and Asia Cuisine that is a really good and friendly place to go eat. Lastly hit up a H.E.B. grab a redbox movie and just chill at home. yes two of my favorite date nights are spent a home

Friends: Grab a movie or just head to any of the locations I stated before and have a good laugh.


No-Kids: Go out to eat someplace new! (preferably with the someone who recommended the place)

Kids: Go to one of the parks (botanical garden, green belt walkway, river walk…) and be outside watching them have fun.

Date: Go to a “dollar” movie, then pick up some wings from Wingstop (lemon pepper & original hot) and take them home to devour them while watching another movie… 🙂

Friends: Hang out downtown at the Pearl (or at me home, or there home) and talk about “stuff” … though eating some really good food would be great too (is there a theme here?)

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