a Few of our Favorite Things: Travel

Places I have Visited-Texas/USA/World


Texas: It is a tie between Enchanted Rock and Perdernales Falls (so basically the State Parks)

USA: Rocky Mountains (in know it covers a lot of land, but it all great, or at least the parts I remember going through…)

World: Japan/Nihon/日本 (that wasn’t surprising or insightful was it?)


Texas: I have also been all over Texas from corner to corner. What is there not to like? Well, I could tell you but here are what my favorites are. I love Austin! My hometown no place like it.

USA: Colorado, I love those mountains gorgeous! What a beautiful state and their renditions of deer on their road signs are no joke. Our little deer here in Texas can’t hold a candle to them. I have also been to New Mexico that is also a beautiful state.  Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is my kind of beach so beautiful.  I like the little neighborhoods in New York City where there seemed to be a real community.

World: Ireland that is some gorgeous country. Beautiful castles and huge bushes of hydrangeas just hanging from what looks like lamp post. Some of you may not think that is spectacular, but in Texas, you just asking for your flowers to be burnt to a crisp if you leave them hanging on a lamp post. The land is lush and green and juts up like emerald mountains.  It is a truly enchanting land and God was showing off when he built this country.

No matter where I have been I still love sitting down and watching the sunset in a Texas.

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