3-Design Photography

3-Design is a custom portrait and wedding photography business based in San Antonio.

We seek to translate your love into artwork that can be displayed for generations.

Your story is unique to you and 3-Design knows the importance of relating that story to the next generation.

We seek your best while seeking to do our best.

That we might honor God, and be a blessing to all we serve through our work.

our Mission

- To tell the Story of your Love -

Whether it be through an engagement shoot or through an at home family portrait session...

It doesn't matter, we will endeavor to capture the moments you and yours will cherish for a lifetime.

- To provide excellent Customer Service -

All the way through, before and during your session, as well as through the quality of the products we sell...

It's about letting you be who you are while we take care of the rest.

Rekeisha Dunlap

Owner / Lead Photographer

Rekeisha Dunlap

Rekeisha Dunlap, wife, mother, and photographer. She is somehow both the one who keeps the silliness under control and the one who encourages it. Not often found without at least a stitch of orange on her, and when alone you know the volume is turned up to eleven. She brings warmth to the home, comfort to her kin, and beauty to this family.

Marc Dunlap

Owner / Second Shooter

Marc Dunlap

Marc Dunlap at the head of the Dunlap crew. Is a man with a plan and the one who keeps it all together. He is never too easily moved a solid man with his wits about him and able to assess any problem. He is a lover of children, stories, drawing, and games. He brings song and silliness to our family which is as it should be.


We have been through a lot, yet we stand here today stronger than we ever have been.  Not because we worked our fingers to the bone, not because we are supper resilient, nor is it because we just got "lucky".

No we made it through because of our Great God, because if His blessing upon our hearts, our minds, and our souls.  We stand together because we have both been called to a higher purpose than pleasing ourselves. We have been called to bring glory, honor, and praise to God; our Creator, our Provider, and our Salvation.

May we bless you as much as He has blessed us, for truly being able to help others in any way we can, is a blessing unto us.

thank you

our kids


Abram is our first child and as we start our Journey he is currently going to the 1st grade.  He is a very social young boy who loves the company of others. He loves to spin a tale if not verbally he will do it through his drawings. He is also a compassionate older brother.


Our Second oldest child as well as our youngest son is Kahlil. He is a firecraker of a boy. One of his favorite activities is getting into things. As we start this journey he is just 3 years old. He loves to play with both his siblings and if he can slam into something he will.


Sonja or as we like to call her miss Sonja is the youngest and only daughter of our crew. She moves at her own pace but she is never too far behind her older brothers. As we start our journey she is 2. She is full of love always ready to smile and a really great hugger..

Journey to Nippon

our Other calling

It is not about the Dunlaps getting to go on an incredible long term vacation to an amazing place. No, it is all about sharing with anyone who has an ear to listen, or eyes to see the Love, the Grace, the Mercy, the Joy, and the Peace that God has blessed this family with, and then to reveal how they too can experience this wonderful God for themselves if they but believe.