Be you and Serve Well

The act of comparison can be a dangerous thing to participate in. It can cause jealousy, discontentment and or pride. Yet, we all do it. I remember when I first started my photography business. I was always looking at other photographers work and I would begin to compare myself. I would cause me to be jealous and discontented with where I was. I wanted something that I had yet to work for. I had a lot to learn when it came to serving my clients well.



Being a photographer that does wedding or family photography is about more than just taking a picture it is about serving your client. I want to be someone my clients can trust and that means knowing more about them than just where our session will be held. I believe no matter what your skills set as a photographer if you serve them well you will make more than money. You will be able to be apart of peoples lives and trusted to capture some of the most important moments in their lives. I am not sure if I am there yet but that is my goal. I used to want to be the best photographer in San Antonio, but now I want to be the best photographer I can be. I don’t want to compare myself with other photographers. I want to be able to enjoy others work and encourage them while striving to better myself as a photographer.

I know we love to talk about self-esteem, but what I desire is God-esteem. If I know what He says about me I can be at rest and full of love and generosity. I don’t have to worry about what someone thinks of me because I know that God who doesn’t lie or change has given me worth and an identity. Then I can go into my work with Him and create something that I couldn’t do alone. This allows me to bless people in ways that I would have never imagined. I know that the only way I will become the type of photographer I strive to be is by following Him. I hope that no matter where I am I will be able to create art with God and serve others with the overflow that He gives me daily.

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