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Standard kitchen cabinet sizes chart – Why take into account standard kitchen cabinet sizes chart, appliances and kitchen? Because it is an environment in which we spend a lot of time and, above all, where there should be rules so that it is fully functional, safe and modern. In this book of ideas, we are going to present the standard measurements for this type of space, following the ergonomic principles and that are calculated based on the measurements of the people. Let’s start to know a little more about the dimensions that must be taken into account in the kitchen. Ahead!

Standard kitchen cabinet sizes chart are made with elements whose dimensions are usually multiples of 15. That is why we often see measurements that range between 30 and 90 cm. The modules – hence the name of this type of kitchen – have, commonly, modules from 45 cm to smaller modules (15 and 30 cm) that are common when it comes to choosing a door for the cabinets.

The first thing to consider is the standard kitchen cabinet sizes chart furniture of the base or, if you prefer, the depth. It is usually 60 cm, but there are larger models on the market. A larger space and an equally large work surface allow better control of the utensils needed for cooking. If you decide to incorporate a central island, it is advisable to calculate a depth of at least 90 cm.

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