God’s Garden

This morning I was having a much needed quiet time with God.  As I was sitting with God and listening to some music and  I felt like the songs were similar to a full grown garden. It has a structure and flow about it and every note is placed right and grows and fades at the right time. The composer has cultivated his/her skill and also all the tools necessary to set up a system in which the fruit of their labor will be music.  Thinking of this made me reflect on how God is like this. He has many different gardens of sounds, movement, colors or people.

Seeing God’s handy work and those who use their skill to praise Him makes me want to use my skill to do the same. I see that as cultivating my skills as an artist, honing my interpersonal skills, and a developing my business.  I believe doing my job with excellence, much like Daniel or Joseph, will bring glory to God. I hope to organize my business and life in order that 3-Design would be fruitful not only to my clients but also to the community and ultimately for God’s glory.

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