How to Paint Kemper Kitchen Cabinets

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Kemper kitchen cabinets – If you painted the outside of your cabinets, they look fresh, neat and clean, giving your kitchen a whole new look. However, the open doors can reveal another story. If the inside of your kitchen cabinet is grubby, a new layer of paint can be just what they need to complete the entire look of your kitchen, even behind closed doors.


Empty your kemper kitchen cabinets and use painting tape to tape painting paper or plastic on nearby worktops, backsplashes, appliances and floors to protect things that you cannot move out of the room and are near or under your cabinets. Remove cabinet doors with a screwdriver, if desired. This will make painting the interior much easier. Also, remove the shelves to paint them separately, if possible. Clean the inside of your cabinet. If they are dirty, use a grease cooker cleaner. Do not use ammonia, which may be yellowish. Use a scraper to remove tile paint, if applicable. Next, use 220-grit (fine) sandpaper to lightly sand the inside to prepare the surface for color.

Rinse the kemper kitchen cabinets well with a wet cloth, swishing it in clean water frequently. Do not apply primer until the cupboards are completely dry. Apply primer to cabinet edges and with a medium-sized nylon polyester brush. Use oil based primer, but note that basic colors (and colors) marked so slowly drying do not work well on open grainy woods like oak, hickory, ash or mahogany, as they suck too far into the grain. Apply a second layer as needed after the paint dries, as per the instructions on the label. Sand between rocks.Kemper kitchen cabinets reviews,

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