Innovatie Kitchen Kompact Design

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Kitchen kompact – The kitchen compact of Antalia is the future made reality and the dream of many. To discover a material of equal resistance and with a minimum thickness. In this path we have invested effort and years of research. As we knew the importance of maximizing the materials in order to achieve greater purity and elegance in the design.

The inspiration came from the countertops, an area where we already used the compact laminate with guarantees. And an industrial solution that inseparably agglutinates the interior support with the decorative exterior faces. This material allows to create more refined lines. And to maximize the options of personalization of the kitchen kompact. Since it enables unique solutions with all kinds of cuts and angles adaptable to any space.

The question to be answered was how to transfer this technique to other applications and the answer arrived by attaching an aluminum frame support, which allows fixing the door to the kitchen kompact anchoring the hinges and opening elements. The front is mounted on an aluminum frame and pressed with last generation adhesives, technology that allows us to join the materials in such a way that they become an inseparable part. See you soon!