The Beautiful Home

wall collage art piece with 3-design photographyWhat makes a home beautiful ? Is it the amount you paid for it or it’s architecture? I believe to have a beautiful home one must make it beautiful.

This home must posses such attributes that are not easily obtained like peace, safety, joy, and kindness. It should be a place where people can grow and where strangers are welcomed.  A home is where one lives and sleeps.  But a beautiful is where the lonely are made to feel like family; a place were all welcomed and are fed, not just physically, but spiritually as well.

What makes this home beautiful is that Love resides here, Patience is present here, and doesn’t just shelter any who enter from the rain… but this home is a shelter from the Pain and Hatred of the World.

I want to have a Beautiful home, I want to welcome people in to my home and simultaneously welcome them into my life…

As I start my study in hospitality I don’t want to neglect the visual appeal of my home. I believe that we live in both a physical and spiritual world. Since they are so intertwined I know that if one is neglected then both will suffer.  My neighbors help me to understand how well I attend to my home affects them. I was walking with some ladies one day and they commented on the removal of another neighbors beautiful flowers. It struck me that I can give others delight by cultivating a beautiful home.  So when it comes to my home I want to physically adorn it with things that will delight my family and guests.

As a photographer I can help my clients adorn their home in this way as well.  They can delight in the beauty of their family and rejoice in the mannerism of each member of their family. Their portraits can help them travel in time and recall memories of loved ones that have grown or have passed on.  As I review the portraits of my children I am filled with amazement at what only a few months can produce.  I smile, laugh and wonder at the time that has passed.  It gives me joy and creates thanksgiving in my heart for the blessings that the Lord has graciously given me. I hope that when I serve others and produce wall art for them that they will delight in their art work as well.

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