Wedding Pictures: just how do we/they get all those Cool Shots?

How do they get those cool pictures?

Have you ever wondered how the photographer captured those romantic and artistic wedding portraits of the bride and groom? I remember when I was engaged and being transported by those dreamy pictures. I knew I wanted it but I didn’t know how to get them or what kind of planning was need to make the day happen.

What I didn’t know was those couples opted to spend a little more time with their photographer on their wedding day or after their wedding to have an adventure. They along with their photographer prepared a plain to make sure there was time to explore their surroundings and capture great pictures. They thought about how they could get away alone or with their wedding party to enjoy the day and get some beautiful pictures at the same time.


This extra time isn’t just about the posed picture, but those in the moment shots of the groom realizing that he is married to his best friend. Or the bride laughing as the husband spins her in the street. It is about the wedding party celebrating the birth of their loved one’s commitment to each other. All along the way, the photographer at times give some directions in and at others they fade away and let the moment happen. Then when the day is done the couple is left with beautiful and fun memories and gorgeous pictures to help them relive the day.

Even if it is the next day it will still be just as beautiful and as fun. The couple doesn’t have to worry about wither her dress with be destroyed this is when you can truly let loose. Get in the water or lay down on the beach the dress now can be a tool to make beautiful art that will last a lifetime. There is also as much time as you want to go and play with your photographer. In the end, it will be difficult not to have stunning heirloom pictures that tell the story of the couples love.

It isn’t that difficult to get those pictures because the day will provide the opportunity. All that is required this making time and when you do it will not take away from your wedding day but add enjoyment.

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