What is the Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

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Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions – Both wall-mounted and wall-mounted kitchen cabinets have standard dimensions to create a coherent design cabinet and provide all cabinet doors with a smooth surface. These standard dimensions are often used for other storage cabinets in other rooms of the house, including basements and garages. Familiarize yourself with the standard cabinet dimensions before venturing into cutting and building your own storage cabinets.

All floor-based cabinets have the same depth and height, although some are single-door designs and others are larger double-door cabinets. The standard kitchen cabinet dimensions of height are 34 1/2 inches and 24 inches deep. The height is the same to provide consistency with the countertop and the depth is the same to provide a smooth cabinet door surface. Top cabinets are those that hang on the wall above the countertop, whether in a kitchen, basement or garage. These units are 30 inches high and just 12 inches deep. These dimensions are standard for upper cabinets in both the simple and double door design.

Sink cabinets are those located under the sink. The height and depth are identical to the plant-based cabinets, as well as to obtain a consistent design. The standard kitchen cabinet dimensions in sink’s width depend on the pipes under the sink. The common width is between 30 inches and 36 inches and this type of closet often has double doors.

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